Maribeth is an accomplished fiber artist, quilting instructor, author and NQA Certified Quilt Judge. 

Offering a variety of quilting and fiber-related workshops and  lectures, she actively judges quilt competitions across the country.  Opportunities have taken her to: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Florida, North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Tennessee, Texas, North and South Carolina, Arkansas, Asia and Europe.   Her art quilts have been exhibited in museums, national shows and fine art galleries.

  • Maribeth has been judging since 2004 and has evaluated over 18,000 show entries. She is well-versed in evaluating any machine or hand wrought pieces as well as traditional and art quilts.
  • Maribeth is qualified to evaluate NACQJ Masterpiece Quilts and  is on the faculty of qualified instructors for the “NACQJ Two-Day Introduction to Judging Seminar.”  
  • Maribeth has served as:
    Communications Chair for the National Association of Certified Quilt Judges
    Documentation Chair at the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts
    Correspondent Docent with the DAR Museum, Washington D.C.
    Director on the Board of Wisconsin Quilters, Inc.
    Director on the Board of the Wisconsin Quilt History Project Treasurer for the Wisconsin Quilt Study Group.

    What clients are saying:
“Thanks for your very able judging of quilts at the New Mexico State Fair.  The ladies that assisted you were very impressed with your judging.  What impressed them most was that they could not tell what kind of style you leaned towards.  That’s an outstanding compliment.”  BM New Mexico

 “We heard nothing but praise for you, your volunteers and the museum at the recent Documentation Day.”  MW Wisconsin

 “It was such a pleasure having you at our quilt show and teaching classes.  The committee was impressed with your professional manner.” MR North Dakota

“I appreciate so much the interest you took in my quilting endeavor in the show.  It is always motivating to receive recognition from someone with your qualifications.  Thank you for the positive words.  They inspire me to do another competition quilt.”  JC Wisconsin 

 I  feel that you are one of the most professional quilt judges I have ever worked with.  I have the greatest respect for you abilities.”  MG Wisconsin

“Thank you again.  I’ve learned so much from you.” NS, Florida

” As always, you do the extra mile.”  MM  Wisconsin

 “Thank you so much for the time, work and patience you dedicated over the last year to the AQSG Seminar Exhibits.  From all accounts the display was stunning, perfect.”  JBB, Nebraska

  “Thank you so much for the professional work you did judging the show.  I have great respect for your knowledge of quilting and quilting techniques.  I would happily recommend your skills to other guilds!”  JB  Wisconsin

“We tallied our survey for University Days, and you received excellent ratings for your classes and for you as a teacher.  Some of the comments  include: “My favorite!,” “Really cared that I was learning,” “Wonderful.”  Thanks for sharing your talents with us!” Susan and the UDays Team, WI

  “The aides at judging were in awe with what they learned from you.  We look forward to working with you again.”   RW, Wisconsin

“Thanks for making judging day a real pleasure.”  LS Florida 

  “Thanks once again, for bringing your talents and love of quilting to our guild.  We so appreciate you.”  KW Ohio

“We are so fortunate to work with a local artisan such as yourself.  You are always a pleasure.”  Heidi  Wisconsin

“Thank you so much for being a great, efficient, professional judge today! We really appreciate it!”   EI, Illinois


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